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“Innovative Product for Train Door Condition Monitoring Based on Vibration Analysis Algorithms”
VA-RCM is a highly innovative remote condition monitoring system based on cutting-edge technology involving advanced vibration analysis techniques. Its unique features will enable accurate assessment of train door actuators, as well as providing targeted feedback on subsystem malfunctions in advance of their potential occurrence. Train operators and passenger train car manufacturers will benefit from the VA RCM system - as the system will improve the efficiency of train doors and reduce the failure rate or downtime of trains, thus reducing maintenance costs. The Fast Track to Innovation Pilot and associated funding is accelerating the commercialisation of VA-RCM.

The Project

Train doors are the primary reason for late trains, with door faults accounting for over 30% of train failures. In Europe, it is estimated that between 5% and 25% of defects in trains occur in the doors. Train doors prove to be a critical element with respect to both maintenance cost and cause of train delays. Door actuator defects are the most common found, especially in older trains. To overcome this, a consortium led by German SME Hitex have come together with the aim to rapidly seize the business opportunity presented by commercialising the VA-RCM system. VA-RCM is part of the H2020 Fast Track to Innovation Pilot and has received funding under the grant agreement number 730766.

Consortium Members

The VA-RCM project has five partners - bringing together industry experts to create a strong consortium - with respect to engineering and commercial experience. Our consortium spans three different European countries (UK, Germany and Spain), and includes one train operator TMB. The five partners bring together strong expertise in specialised hardware engineering (CPC), signal processing (TWI), embedded and application software engineering (HITEX), hardware platform manufacturing and commercialisation (INN) and rail operation (TMB). Each partner has a distinct and well-defined role.

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VA-RCM Reaches Testing Milestone

We are excited to announce that VA-RCM has reached a testing Milestone in Barcelona

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